Serious problems with cash. What type of poker to choose?

    • mChavez
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      Hi all!

      Having encountered pretty bad problems with cash, i'm looking forward an exciting summer with work during the day and poker during the night.

      I have to cash out most of my BR, so i'll be left with $150 at most. I used to play SnGs, but then I decided to switch to FL. Unfortunately, it looks like I simply cannot afford to be "learning" to play FL, cause this does not bring much moneys (At least at the micro limits that i'm playing now).

      So I need a good piece of advice about what poker to play. I'm looking at either continuing FL (where i'm just breaking even and i've been playing it for a week) or to switch back to SnG's just because they are likely to bring more cash.

      In your opinion, which type is more likely to generate more cash?

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