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Need some encouraging here.

    • ratecon
      Joined: 31.05.2009 Posts: 1
      First, hello to everybody.

      Second, my english may not be that good, cuz im from Bulgaria (thats not an excuse anyways), but i hope you can understand me

      Third, I'm kinda pissed. More or less im highly frustrated right now.

      Passed the quiz, got the first 50$ the next day, everything good. So I started reading the no-limit articles and I'm playing the SSS since 3 days now, which is about 8-10 hours of play. Started at 0.5/0.10 NL tables, but soon enough i found myself loosing too much, so i went to 0.02/0.05 (that was when i lost about 10 bucks). Since then, I have about 10 won hands, mostly blinds stealing, thats all. I know, it happes to everybody, but I'm really frustrated, so I hope that telling you what happend, would make me feel better.
      Got beat really "painful" few times (well, most of the times gotta be honest). Let me give you an example:

      Im in MP (first or second, dont remember exactly) with pocket Kings, no limpers before me, so I bet 4 times the big blind (0.20), the small blind calls, everyone else folds.
      The flop is: 9, K, (the third one i dont remember, but it doesnt matter anyways)
      With smile on my face I make the same bet as preflop (maybe I had to bet more, dunno), and my opponent calls.
      The turn is Ace, so i do the same - bet 0.20.
      And the river is Ace, I check.
      My oponent bets 0.35, and i call, thinking that my 3 Kings are the winner, but when saw the A4 in my oponent hand, I felt really fucking bad, no matter that the pot was small. I just couldn't believe it.
      Damn, the frustration started growing on me, but I didnt make any stupid calls, or raises. Did everything by the Shortstack strategy... I know that it happes to everybody (i also know that i repeat myself), but I feel bad bad bad bad baaaaaaaaaad. I feel like a bleeding wound. A money bleeding wound, to be exact. Oh, well...
      Im down to 33$ right now.

      It's kinda long, what I've just wrote, but you guys love to read fishy stories, I'm sure. :D

      Good luck to everybody, and be patient... gotta repeat it to myself tho
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    • ShaQQ
      Joined: 07.10.2008 Posts: 162
      Theres no harm in trying your hand at something like BSS, especially NL2 (When I first started out I tried SSS, went down to about $22, and switched to fixed limit, enjoyed 2 months of play and switched to NL2 BSS, I found it very weak (as expected), and it really helped. haasenbraten has some awesome videos for micro stakes, check em out, follow his logic and thinking process and you'll be fine. It's all about what game you enjoy playing, or feel comfortable playing. Now is the best time to find out what you like playing, fixed limit really got me trying out multiple tables, and it progressed from there. Can only wish you luck, and hope you find a style that you enjoy (primarily), regards. Paul.
    • numpaf
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 667
      Hi, ratecon!
      Don't give up so soon. Just play according to SHC and the articles and results will come sooner or later.

      Btw, you can check out the Bulgarian community thread. See you there ;)
    • LudiCoka
      Joined: 01.06.2009 Posts: 266
      First of all, if you had KK and the comunity cards were 9 K A A and something different than 4 and 9, you have a hand K K K A A, a full house which is stronger than a hand your opponent has - A A A K 9.

      Secondly, SSS suggests you bet 2/3 of the pot on the flop and try to go all-in.
      You bet 0.20 before the flop, 0.04 was the bb, and 0.20 came from sb.
      So, the pot was 0.44 on the flop and you bet 0.20 which is a too low bet.
      Then your opponent called, the pot was now 0.84 and you bet 0.20 again?

      You didn't play it by the SSS rules, you didn't play it anywhere near good after the flop, and you still had a stronger hand unless there was a 4 or a 9 as a comunity card.

      Your story doesn't sound really truthfull, and even if it is, you played it bad.

      Try reading the SSS articles again and then playing by the rules. Special accent comes to that you should play at full ring tables with 7 or more players not playing SSS.
    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952

      Just some beginner advice for you: Play less, study, review and evaluate more :) . There are several things that are very useful for beginners:

      -Live coachings
      -Hand evaluation section

      If you stick to them instead of playing 8-10 hours a day (which is not healthy + I don't think you can play your A-game for that long), your winrate should increase. Remember, there is always room for improvement :) . And taking breaks helps as well ;) .


    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      The more you study the game, the more you will win. Don't expect to win just by passing the quiz.
    • acciot
      Joined: 02.06.2009 Posts: 1
      work harder and never give up