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    • toffeej
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      Joined a few days and have just started playing to accumulate my partypoints.

      I'm not new to poker but after a playing gap of 6 months (due to no internet) I had found my game has deteriorated and I am no longer a profitable player (I never used to make much, I won $1000 in a Paradise tournament once being the highlight of my 'career').

      Then I stumbled across this site which I've found really helpful. Obviously the bankroll has helped start my poker career back up too.

      Anyhow, I've started on the FL $0.10/$0.20 tables. I keep the starting hands chart closeby and I've simplified the mathematics into a fairly easy chart to read in 10 seconds or so when necessary so I hope to post some positive results.

      2 questions:

      -How much should I be taking to the table?
      -How long each day do I need to play to acrue the necessary PP to move up a level?

      Cheers guys.
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    • wilm
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      First off all Welcome to the family =)

      I will try to awnser your questions;

      1) If u play 0.10/0.20 just take $5 to the table. If u fall below $2.50 reload to $5 again.

      2) I dont really know. U have to generate 100 points in the last 4 weeks u played. I say thats atleast 2hours a day? I could be wrong not sure

      Hope it helped!
    • boschman123
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      how much should u take to the tables? depends how u would like to build a bankroll. and ur style of play. are u starting with the $50 or do u have ur $100 extra allready?

      i would say, start at fixed limit for some months. u learn to count the odds/outs and get a general knowledge of poker for a cheap price.
      in the artikels u can find how much u can take to a table (20xbb? lol havent played limit for a long time)

      if u want to play NL start with the short stack strategy. its is a good way 2 make some money AND to learn how the NL tables play. even better, every time u move up a limit , u can start with the sss.


      how often u have to play to move up a level?
      first concentrate on ur play. moving up a level is not that important yet. i asume u mean bronze/silver/gold levels. when to move up at the limits u can also find in the artikels.
      i would not recommend playing every day. lol 3 or 4 days a week would do fine. 5 if u really really want to. 2 or 3 hours a day will do fine. myself i play 2 or 3 sessions a day. 200 hands or so.