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    • toffeej
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      Can anyone recommend a good free piece of software that will track my play and offer stats?

      The one on the front page has a limitation of 1000 hands I think so wont last long.

      Thanks in advance.
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    • Stefan1000
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      Sorry i don't know a comparable software tool that is for free.

      I am doing quite well with the combi of PokerTracker and PokerAce + some other free tools that rely on the PT database. Perhaps someone else knows an alternative tool that is for free.

      Best regards,
    • toffeej
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      I just wanted it for quick calculaiton of odds really. I am not all that interested, at this stage, to know a % about every aspect of my game.

      As I said previous I'm just kinda trying to start from scratch. It's not easy to lose alot of the old habits but that's part of the reason I left my tried and trusted NL and moved to limit.

      Maybe when I'm happy with my game once more I will go back to NL.

      Thanks anyway Stef.
    • ciRith
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      I think it is better if you learn to play without tools at the beginning.

      But maybe pokermanager (google) can help you out until you get PT+PA :)
    • boschman123
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      try pokerstove, there own website is closed at the moment but this one is ok

      edit: sr i didnt see that u were looking for tracking software. sr mate, no free software for that. but as said before, u dont need that yet. there is a chart with odds/outs in one of the beginners articels.