What Strategy to use in Limit Freerolls?

    • wilm
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      I play some $250 freerolls from time to time and mostly just play like i do at homegames etc.

      Whats the best way to play in these freerolls? Maybe u could try to write an small article abouth this? Would be interesting to read =)
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    • Mugge88
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      Yap - would be great with some info about FL MTT, since almost all the information you can find regarding tournaments are based on NL.

      I have tried using the same strategy as in NL in those FL tours but it just won't work for me to wait for some good cards in the early/mid stage of the tournament, since I don't get payed off as well on my hands as in NL (logic: max value each person is 12BB in FL while its possible to get a persons entire stack or at least as much as your own stack consists of in NL - which could be MANY BB's)

      So all in all: Some advise on FL-tours would be great :D