just missing maui consolation jackpot

    • bkbart
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      so I have been playing the maui $5 jackpots sngs on ipoker. First of all I must say it is very +ive. Sharkscope says I am 20 ROI on them and I am not even a sng wiz. I just finished a session of 20 sngs or so. And I just missed the $200 bonus for getting five 1st or 2nds in a row. I had a streak of 4 and then finished 4th on the 5th one. I also had a stretch of 4 outa 5 with a 4th place finish in the third game. Its getting close only a matter of time I figure.
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    • EagleStar88
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      ah unlucky bkbart, next time you'll do it :)

      Did these once myself many years ago on a different ipoker platform. Managed to get 4x1st's once, but then totally played with scared money in the 5th despite not trying to.

      Good luck, go get them :)