Daily Dollar

    • Maria21
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      Does anyone play theese?
      I'm thinking of joining one this night.When i say this night i mean it starts at 3:10 Am from where i stand...:p
      In case anyone played it before i'm curious about usual speed, how many fish usually play, what's the general lenght and so on.
      Basically, is it worth the hussle?
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    • PhAAnTi
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      Hey Maria,
      First i've to say that i'm usually in the german forum ; ), so please excuse my mistakes.
      I've played the daily dollar rebuy on ftp about 10 times, at the very beginning ,ca. the first 6-8 blind levels you need just luck to build a stack of about 15k chips.The first 5 blind levels are very donkie and full of fishs : D.
      Once i had a 75k stack and crushed on place 117th.
      The Push or fold phase starts after the add-on break,i think its the 3rd break in the tny.
      With a little luck you'll definitly reach the payed places.So for 200 or 400 ftps (buy in+ 1 rebuy) it is a nice '#Rakeback''. $7,50 is the first moneylevel.

      I hope i could help you and i also hope that you understand what i tried to tell you ;- )

      So Long,
    • alejandrosh
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      well a bit over $1k for first place in a 1 dollar tourney is awesome by itself, it's just 1 stupid dollar !!!! :)

      of course the amount of donks is huge and I think about 9 hours should be more than enough to finish the whole tourney.
    • SallaMC
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      I played this one once before some time back. Hand ranges of your opponents will include 27o etc, be aware of that. I made it into the money that time, just by playing tight. Once you get a big hand, 3-4 players might pay you off.
      So in a nutshell, the tournament is nice to be played for fun, but there won't be serious poker. I haven't played play money tourneys, but I would imagine that they are close, at least during the early stages.