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PF: How to play made hands on the turn queries...

    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Hi.. there are a couple of things confusing me (yeah, I know, how unusual... ) about the "Post Flop: Playing Made Hands on the Turn" article.

      If anyone can clarify these for me I'd really appreciate it!

      Overpairs/Top Pair:

      Example 1 says this is a situation A hand but when villian bets in this example there is still one player yet to act... wouldn't this be a situation B hand and therefore villians range should be tighter?

      Example 2 says this is a situation B hand, but villian is last to act and we are betting after a check 3 handed. I guess it doesn't impact the advice as to how to play the hand, but I'm struggling to understand the distinctions!

      Middle Pairs:

      Example 1 - this again says it is a situation B hand but to me it is the definition of a situation A hand?!

      In the article situation A is defined as V1 checks, V2 checks, Hero bets, V3 raises.

      In this example it is BB checks, Hero bets, BU raises, BB folds.

      What's the difference other than one less player (which I would have thought increases the chances BU is on a bluff/semi bluff and therefore his range)?!?!?! :f_confused:

      Maybe it doesn't make too much difference, but I'm really trying to understand the material and find not understanding this really distracting! Again I appreciate any clarification you folks can provide. :f_love:
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