over 24 blinds Heads up

    • ChilliCracksIt
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      Just wondering,
      When you have a large stack compared to the blinds in a 9 sng and it gets down to heads up do you continue to use the over 24 big blinds strategy for sng. I find i keep getting blinded down while my opponent sits pretty cos i am playing so tight.

      Is there a different stategy for big stack heads up?
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    • LgWz
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      No you shouldn't play the same way when it's down to a few players or heads-up. You need to get a lot looser.

      Basically you want to play a lot of flops in position and few pots out of position. You should raise a lot of hands (raise 2-2.5bb, raise larger out of position) and well, it all depends on your opponent.
    • NickParkes
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      For HU use position, I openraise like 50% of hands... ABC poker is the best way to go post flop, don't mindlessly c-bet, mix it up, but keep betting cos your opponent misses the board so so so often... experience is handy, but there's only one way to get that :s_biggrin: