What to play at low stakes to win

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      Hey! I just wanna say that if u really want to do good at low stakes for the start u should play HU NL at 5$ and 10$! No ring games...just Hu Sng! I received my second starting capital at titan poker almost 2 and a half months ago and i played a month and a half with the new bankroll! First 2$ HU after i reached 100$ i played 5$ HU and i think when i reached 500$ i started to play 10$ HU Sng-s! And now my bankroll is at 1005$ and i will probably move up to the 20$ Sng and i also managed to collect the 100$ bonus! I am playing poker for 2 years now but only in the last 10 months i took it seriously...at first year i played only freerolls and cash with my first starting capital! So when 2nd capital arrived i had some poker knowledge and mainly cash and HU! So if u read a few articles and watch not so much training video and stick to BM and u have the discipline not to tilt then this is a guaranteed succes....and of course u have to love HU! So if u want to beat the LOW stakes this is one way do do it! I said LOW because starting with 50$ HU Sng-s are more difficult to do this...of course depends on which site u play! I guess this wasn't a new thing but this is mainly for the beginners!
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