Beginner 3.30$ at pokerstars deep

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      Hi im new to the MTTs but i managed to run deep in the 3.30$ at pokerstars finished 15th ;/ im not happy about myself i think i could have done it better..
      I would be very grateful if someone could review my hands.. here it is

      PS. love the suckout with 88 vs AA :D , and the hand from the bottom where i pushed any two from the SB because the op was very tight like the whole table.. was that still a no push?

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    • alejandrosh
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      so I'm going to go with my fishy opinion here, hope it will be a bit helpfull

      #1 5:club: 5:diamond: nice straight flush in the first hand :D
      #15 K:hearts:3:hearts: 1:5 pot odds are quite good to limp and see a flop , at the rebuy period
      #42 K:diamond: K:heart: I think you are too deep to be shoving here, you can raise it to 700 or something and play from there
      #53 J:diamond: J:club: definetly raise the limper here, JJ plays really well in position but kind of bad in a limped pot and raise bigger in that drawy board to protect your hand
      #63 A:heart: A:club: why minraising? you are giving great odds to other player to call you there, also I don't like you calling the 3bet OOP.
      #66 7:diamond: 8:heart: with 1:8 pot odds I think completing is fine.
      #71 A:club: Q:spade: again the turn minraise gives so good odds and there are some draws there ... were you planning to raise/fold here or something?
      #83 A:spade: 2:diamond: with 11:1 odds again completing would be my play
      #102 Q:spade: J:heart: you can defenitly steal that blind, first in from the button QJ doesn't suck to raise first in
      #113 Q:spade: A:heart: raise!!! AQ is so often ahead of their limping range and they can't really play limp/call with those stacks. And I don't really get your turn shove he will probably just fold Ax hands and call you with Kx also he will fold his bluffs (although he has to be brain dead to be bluffing there) I rather raise the flop for value/protection and shove any turn. instead of calling flop and shoving the worst possible turn card.
      #166#167 4:spade: 5:diamond: Q:spade: 5:diamond: I know it sucks but I take the -ev push there because the situation is so desperate you have to push anything before the blinds reach you , better to push any crap than blind out.
      #187 A:club: 9:diamond: raise preflop , he will fold so often after opencompleting the SB.
      #188 J:club: 4:club: You had better spots to punish him for his openlimping stupidity (A3o hand but a little deep imo to do that) , there will be better spots than this so I rather fold.
      #190 J:diamond: J:spade: Waaay to deep to open push that hand
      #199 7:spade: 7:diamond: Raise!!!! , he is a stupid idiot openlimping anycrap and 77 is ahead of him so so often.
      #208 A:spade: 8:diamond: Time to punish his high blind limping habit, ship it all in and take the pot
      #224 A:diamond: 3:club: good first in raise spot
      #239 A:club: 3:club: He had stole your blind before , hadn't he? I think I shove over him unless he is also openlimping the button as often as he openlimps other positions.
      #256 4:diamond: 4:club: You are kind of deep to push, however I don't think it can become -ev unless you are really really deep but unless he is very agressive you can risk less and win the same by just raise/folding
      #257 A:spade: K:hearts: You are openshoving a > 13M stack, better to just raise there
      #260 A:diamond: 9:club: You are still raising 3xbb which is too much for this stage of the tourney, a 2.5bb raise gets the same FE and you risk less.
      #287 8:spade: 7:heart: Your turn small donkbet doesn't achieve much FE in my opinion , I rather check-raise the flop and take it down pretty often
      #301 K:spade: 7:spade: If he has shown any agression before I reshove that Blind vs blind
      #302 K:spade: 9:diamond: I like your idea of reraising there , but if you do that push!!!! minreraising sucks when he calls and you are OOP with a crap hand in a big pot
      #350 A:heart: J:club: you can defenetly raise preflop, punish the limpers.
      #356 J:spade: 6:club: too loose
      #373 9:heart: 5:heart: don't call gutshots on paired boards, you don't get the odds or the implieds to call there. and after you hit gin better check raise than donkbet.
      #377 A:spade: Q:club: I don't think that 6:club: is a good card to second barrel, check folding seems better
      #419 Q:club: 6:club: ship it first in from the SB with that tiny stack
      #424 A:diamond: 5:club: Don't raise, you are too short, if you want to play push all in
      #428 Q:heart: 8:heart: I push all in after CO bigstack openminraises, probably on a steal and will fold, even if he calls Q8s has suckout value
      #434 2:diamond: 6:club: You sure can push super wide but .... 62o sucks so much you can fold
      #437 K:club: 4:club: over average hand so ship it
      #439 A:club: 6:diamond: nh of course but omg you still have fold equity unbelieveble
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      thanks a lot i noticed how fishy i am :f_biggrin: saw that i got quite a lot of good hands sucked out quite often, any overall tips u want to give me? like play more aggressive with pocket pairs and Ax or so..appreciate it
      and ur opinion doesnt look fishy at all :D

      P.S. it's not rebuy:)
    • alejandrosh
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      in general:

      you can play more agressively against those players that were limping a lot when the blinds were high. usually they have a weak hand they want to see a flop with and can't stand heat so attacking them is a good way to build your stack.

      you can defend more your blinds (although you did 3bet with K9o against a BU openraiser which I like a lot, what I didn't like was the reraise size since he could/should call anything for those odds)

      Also the raising size , I like to make it 2.5bb when the blinds get big , usually when bb=400 but I've read it should be before on higher limits (I still only play <55$ tourneys most of the time)

      Originally posted by Genetals
      P.S. it's not rebuy:)
      yes, I fugured that out when no-one was rebuying :f_biggrin:

      GG, congratulations on your deep run. And I loved your suckout with 88 , it feels awesome to suckout on slowplayed aces. you played that hand good and earned that suckout.