Blind steals with SSS

    • ItsSoEasy
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      Seems to me this would be a good way to improve my profit a bit, especially when people fold around to me in the small blind or on the button. I don't like folding from the small blind and giving away my $0.05 to the big blind.

      What position should I try it from?
      With what cards?
      And how much should I raise?
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    • harleytopper
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      Do you use stats? If not, I don't recomend you to start stealing blinds. If you are using stats, start with other SSS players, who are predictable folding 97% of hands (if they arent adjusting). Agaisnt SSS players you can steal form CO, BU and SB with any two cards. Bet size -- 3 BB or Pot-size.