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[NL20-NL50] nl10sh, AA

    • uuberpro
      Joined: 14.04.2008 Posts: 26
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      0.05/0.1 No-Limit Hold'em (6 handed)
      Hand recorder used for this poker hand: PokerStrategy Elephant 0.67 by

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A:heart: , A:club:
      MP2 folds, MP3 raises to $0.40, 2 folds, Hero raises to $1.20, BB folds, MP3 calls $0.80.

      Flop: ($2.50) K:heart: , Q:heart: , J:club: (2 players)
      Hero checks, MP3 checks.

      Turn: ($2.50) 3:spade: (2 players)
      Hero bets $1.50, MP3 raises to $3.00, Hero calls $1.50.

      River: ($8.50) Q:diamond: (2 players)
      Hero checks, MP3 raises $4.55 (All-In), Hero folds.

      Final Pot: $13.05

      The flop is quite bad, as many 2pair hands are possible. The straight and flush draws, as well. So, I'm not sure whether to protect, cause I may be already behind.
      As he checked the flop, I tried to valuebet the turn.
      He shoves the river, and there are not so many hands that I can beat, I think.

      Edit: sorry for the wrong forum!
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    • Bierbaer
      Joined: 27.05.2005 Posts: 7,989
      I like the check on the flop.

      I think on the turn i'd check again, since you still won't get much value from worse, but it might induce a bluff.
      You can then valuebet the river and he'll maybe look you up light.

      As played it's fine to call the turn and fold the river imo.

      edit: i'd 3bet to $1.40 OOP.
    • BogdanDin7
      Joined: 29.04.2008 Posts: 1,114
      I would also 3bet more , even to 1.60 OOP , make postflop play easier.

      On the flop I would bet because of all the draws out there than can call me. I would make it ~1.75-2 and even go for stacks if he decides to come over the top. Board is so drawy , he could have sd , fd , combo draws. I don`t really think he has a set here that often and even against two pair you still have 9 outs + backdoor fd.
    • Kaitz20
      Joined: 02.02.2007 Posts: 27,343
      Ugly board, most of the players would 4-bet with QQ+, so that leaves mostly KQ and JJ that you´re behind on that flop.
      I would likely bet out 2$ on the flop and getting that good odds with overpair+gutshot I think I´d call shove
      If he calls then I´m shoving turn, if he ahs there AK, then he isn´t never folding and you should also protect your hand a littlebit
    • Bierbaer
      Joined: 27.05.2005 Posts: 7,989
      Protect against what?

      Even if he calls JTs, T9s and 98s preflop you are already behind against T :heart: 9 :heart: and only T :heart: 9 :heart: and 9 :heart: 8 :heart: have enough outs to be afraid, but even if a third :heart: gets there on the turn you got a redraw.
      (notice that he can't have A :heart: K :heart:) .

      So the only card you do not want to see is a 9 and maybe a K.
      If a Q or J hits the board you were beaten by most of his hands that have been improved it anyway.

      So you are protecting against some 2-3outer and at the same time paying off his strong hands, you would pay off his strong hands if you check too, but by checking you give him the opportunity to spew his chips off.