How do you play when it's down to heads-up?

    • Computerized
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      So I've been doing a bit better on the 9-player turbos, but my heads-up game doesn't seem too strong. Basically, all I do is shove whenever I have a King or Ace, or a pocket pair. If I'm low on chips, I'll start shoving suited cards like 9-10, J-10.

      I'm still not confident with this strategy, though, because I seem to be losing quite a lot and coming in 2nd (although part of it is due to variance). What are your guys' strategies for heads-up play when the blinds are so huge?
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    • Schnitzelfisch
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      According to SAGE... And I usually don't shove unless someone is shortstacked or the blinds are huge. I rather outplay the fish postflop than gamble.
    • agelisgr
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      its more psychology than cards.i try to find out his range early :f_cool:
    • sabo999
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      i used to struggle alot when it got to heads up, especially when we were pretty close and the other play shoved every single hand..nightmare..

      if you play some $2 HU SnGs i find you will definitely get a firmer grasp of heads up play, and what cards are of god use to you. It also is really good practice for live play; if you play any live poker, because alot of Live players aren't as used to HU play and don't change strategy enough to deal with it.

      definately try and find out a range early on and how they played it, it helps alot as blinds go up. even if it means paying off a value bet to see a showdown. thats my theory anyways even though losing chips isn't the greatest of ideas.

      Sabo :club:
    • Berzerger
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      Abuse your fold equity. Most people have too little/no experience in HU play, aggression will keep paying you off until the opponent realizes you're pushing him around. Something as blatant as a minraise can become a monstrous weapon HU.
    • NickParkes
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      Fo heads up SAGE is good, but you can also use the Nash Table That'll give you a good idea as to how hands are valued in HU play, and it's also OK to shove a bit tighter than these ranges, particularly at the lower limits, but I used this when I was working on my HU game, and it helped loads! Also ICM trainer and set to 2-handed and practice :f_cool:
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      Originally posted by Primzi
      According to SAGE... And I usually don't shove unless someone is shortstacked or the blinds are huge. I rather outplay the fish postflop than gamble.
      So, you limp with 10BB?
    • miskokvo
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      if you had ~1-10 BB ... you should push/fold acording to charts .. of course if your BB is closer to 1 you push looser and if you BB is closer to 10BB you should little chagne your pushing ranges

      when you are deep ..try to figure out your opponent ..if he is tight try to steal a lot ...if he is agrasive try to trap him preflop ...

      HU at turbos are REALY BIG AFECTED by (in higher limit you will have experienced opponent in ICM so he will know what you doing-so there is like 50:50 will not have higher edge on him) "luck" not luck post flop but luck preflop ... if you had less than 10BB and you are 10-20 hands cardead like 72,83 etc etc you are dead... you should acumulate much chips as posible before HU to have advantage against your way how to do that is train your ICM

      of course this aplays for long run

    • deVall3y
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      In a turbo you usually reach the HU with not more than effective 15 BB
      SAGE works for 10 BB and below, but you could also exploit their tendencies, while sticking mostly to the unexploitable push and call ranges.
      when you reach the HU more deep its a completely different game you have to do research on
    • Alverine
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      I use nash ranges rather than use SAGE system.

      Some things i dont completely understandand: You have A3 on the button, therefore you raise. You both have 15BB, and he pushes all-in. What do you do?
    • ladman
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      what you do is you don't get in that situaition in the first place imo. And push preflop. With 15 bb a decent raise will take you to 13 bb or less. If you got reads fold but if not push over top cos your quit commited. Personally without reads i would minraise in order to see where i am
    • AquamanBT
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      Originally posted by Berzerger
      Something as blatant as a minraise can become a monstrous weapon HU.
      I don't play turbos, so lots of times the blinds are not that big when it gets to heads up. Lots of times both players have more than 30 BB, so I min raise EVERY hand from the button, regardless of its strength. If I hold trash and get re-raised big, its an easy fold, but in any case, I'm in position after the flop.