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June SnG Sweat session thread

    • dadude77
      Joined: 26.10.2008 Posts: 1,516
      Hey all, sorry for taking awhile, I've been trying to get a new system set up, but seems for june, (a bit late i know!) I'll set it up like this, and hopefully next month we'll have something new going. But for time being this is what we have . Same intro from last month for anyone new, if you know it, skip down and leave me your info . I'll match everyone up on next week, give people some time to find the thread!

      Pokerstrategy has provided us with so many tools to help our poker growth, from the articles, to the videos and coaching, to this forum with the hand evaluation boards. But I'm going to try to help provide one more thing, sweat sessions!

      I got this idea from 2+2, where every month they find people of the same limits, and help pair them up with people to do sweat sessions.

      Some of you might be asking what a sweat session is, and for those who already know, you can skip this paragraph! Basically a sweat session is when you play a session of poker, with someone watching. During that, you talk to that person, explain your train of thought, and why you are doing what. He can ask questions and discuss your play with you. There is much to be learned from both being sweated, as well as sweating someone else! It is a different experience, one that I have found quite helpful, to have someone there the entire time, and you having to explain your reasoning behind what you're doing, and I highly reccomend anyone who hasn't ever done it, to do it

      So basically I'm just going to facilitate and pair anyone who'd like to participate each month (we will do it just once a month, at least at first, because it will take time to find time to meet up with your partner, and sweat him/her as well as be sweated.

      So just to make it simple here, I'd say lets have a standard of everyone having these two pieces of software
      1) Teamviewer- This lets you share you screen with someone, its quite easy to use and free. You can download it here
      2) Skype- This is for communication. It is preferred and much easier if you have a microphone, to just speak over this (the software provides an almost telephone quality way to speak to each other over the internet) But if you do not have a microphone you can still use the chat feature in skype. You can download that here

      Now for me to be able to pair everyone up. I will need everyone to leave the following information in this thread.

      a) FR or SH
      b) STT or MTT
      c) Limit played
      d) site (I will try to pair you up with someone from a different site, so you're not talking to your "competition" about how you play. But we will have to see what kind of turnout we will have)

      Hopefully there will be people of all levels, limits and strategies who are interested. This is kind of a trial, work in the making atm. So changes might be made as necessary. Please don't hesitate to give me any ideas or feedback

      Hope this turns into a good experience for everyone.

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