If anyone has time and patience to read this, any advices will be appreciated!

Hello, tonight i played some MTTs and went deep on those 2 tourneys. I play MTTs for a while now and i have had some good results but in the last few months i always come close but not enough. And this is really frustrating playing for hours and then finish right before the final table with such small return of investment.
First to the 30K on Stars
I more often play on FTP but i have so money in Stars and play some MTTs from time to time. Anyway...I pretty lucky winning so big pots on coinflips and loosing small pots to shorties. I liked the way i played cause i am TAG and managed play it LAG and it was successfull. Most of the time i was in the top 20-30. We were down to 3 tables and i had 340K with blinds 8K/16K/2K and i was in the middle of the pack. There was a maniac big stack who was raising/calling push with T8s. I was active myself too but most of the times didn't experienced big resistance. On my left was pretty experienced player too, and after him the maniac. Anyway...i had AKs UTG2 and raised 2.5BB as usual the maniac re-raised me to 150K around 3times mine...i was in very nasty situation. I thought and pushed over him since his range was so wide. I could easily fold too cause i have pretty healthy stack and could hold on for a while. My thinking was, if i won this i would be one of the top 5 and really can make it to the big money. What would you do? Risk it or try to pick a better spots? I put him on pp or AQ,AK or even some fancy bluff...and imo push wasn't bad at all...anyway he had 88 i didnt improve and was sent to the rails in 27th place. Ah.....
Imo i played it very good in early and middle stage. But in the late stage i had tough spots agains solid players and i have to admit i am not proud of my play. We were down to 3 tables where my problems began. I was in the middle of the rankings and on my left and right there were few good players. I was card dead for the most of the times. I called with my AQs vs 66(i lost vs shorty) and AQs vs K9(i lost) and my stack came to around 10BB. At that point i had to shove any cards in position but i wasnt getting any good spots. A solid player on my right was shoving first in 90% of time and i didnt have anything good to call it. My mistake was i played tight weak, raise/fold when i had 15-20BB and villian might pick this up and shoved to my raises twice. What do you think about this hand i was in SB with 55 and 8BB, BB with 7BB and BTN with 20BB shoving almost anything...i folded my 55 cause hate to play small pp vs push...at best i am 50 50. Is this fold OK? On next orbit the villian shoved again i had 7BB and K9 so called, he showed K4 and i doubled up. The villian was exploiting my weak image and that's why pushed quite loose. We were down to 11pls and i was on BB again with KQ and 9BB and SB villian shoved again. I couldn't let it go this time and called he had A6 and i am busted 11th after 6hours play for just 160$. I hate when happens like this to be card dead shortstack or got busted just before the real money.

I am sorry for the long post but i would like to hear any suggestions about playing in the Late phase of the MTTs cause my leaks are there. Do you guys use HEM/PT3 for MTTs and SNGs and are they any useful? IMO i have to be willing to gamble in this stages and hope for the best but. Actually in the fist MTT i did it and got busted and on the second card dead and weak-busted once again even deeper in the money but still before the final table.