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guess this is me then!

    • justgeo
      Joined: 08.06.2009 Posts: 39
      what does one say about themselves in a place like this?

      due to disability, i now have quite a lot of time to study the game i have been playing now for about 2 yrs on and off. before, due to work and family commitments i only played as and when i could. now i try to play every day. i can safely say that i am not a losing player. over 6 accounts i am ahead in all, some by only a few bux, others by more, but nothing major. its a start huh.
      anyway, a few weeks ago i was thinking what i could do to help fill my time. what would i like to do? ask yourself the same question, its a tough one! but i decided i want to become a better poker player. i am extremely competitive, ask my son!! so, instead of picking up crumbs, i would like to be a respected player that feels comfortable at most tables [lower/middle limits] i am never going to be a high roller playing masive games, unless i qualify cheaply, i value my hard earnt cash too much i think. but i would like to reach a point where i can say, i am the best i can be, i cant say that right now. so i stumbled upon this place, took the quiz, found out that after 2 yrs, theres still basic therory i dont know or understand [wtf is ICM?] and its time to put that right if possible.
      so good luck to you all, i hope you all win except when i am at your table, then i hope you go on tilt, lol.
      cheers :)
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi justgeo & welcome to the PokerStrategy family :P

      Yes it's surprising how much even established poker players can learn about the game. The strategy guides, videos, coaching etc all help to fine-tune your game and to cut down on even minor leaks.

      I would strongly recommend the ICM trainer, especially if you play SnG's or tournaments. It's effectively like a Push/Fold type training device, that will help you with late stage/low stack strategy and is a real eyeopener.

      Wishing you every success and enjoyment with your poker, let us all know how you get on and don't hesitate to post any questions you may have. We have a lot of very experienced (some pro's) and friendly members here that are always keen to help fellow members out.

      Best regards,