Poker Stars Step 4 Advice from Pros please?

    • Prabhatallin
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      Hey, I am normally a low stakes MTT/ Multi-table SnG player on Stars. I play under the ID SuicideSpree Since I wasn't able to deposit money normally since I don't have a credit card, one of my friends transferred me 100$ there. I have been playing with that BR, winning significant amounts in MTTs/SNGs and then donking much of it away in cash games (recently stopped playing those thankfully). I have at the moment around $ 151 in my account.

      Today I decided to use my 600 odd FPPs and entered a Step 1 SnG. 4 tournaments later I hold a Step 4 ticket worth more than my entire bankroll!! I don't want to keep playing A) Because I am not sure i can go if I win a seat to a live event B) I have a feeling the quality of play increases scarily at Step 4 onwards and I really don't want to play out of my bankroll for enormous stakes against real professionals.

      If you buy into a Major (that option exists with step 4 tickets) and then unregister, do you simply get the ticket back, or do you get real money or T$ in your account? And if you can't get money where is the best place to look for deals to sell shares of myself?
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    • ihufa
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      I'd suggest you use it in the sunday warmup, since you'll have a far bigger chance of actually ending up with some $$ in your account that way. you can just try to get ITM which will be about 280$ i think. That'd be a good bankroll boost for u. I think playing the actual step4 is pretty stupid since u'll have to play a bunch of steps after that against the best sng players online to end out with something