time to take it seriously

    • steveysmith
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      hi everyone
      ive been playin poker on and off for about six years and did a bit of research for about the first six months in the game, and my game to be brutal to myself was mediocre, so i decided to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch and take the beautiful game more seriously
      i googled upon ps .com a few days ago and read and reread the beginners articles, passed the test and regd with party.com, and i thought while im waiting to begin my new poker life when the bonus kicks in why not go back to one of my old sites and try the sss theory out. so i did and i stuck to the hand charts/position etc to the letter at low stakes ring games.
      first night about 15 min of play and 2 or 3 tables later(and a couple of maniacs too) id nearly doubled my buy ins of $2
      so ty ps .com for bein here
      good hands to you all
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    • danmacka
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      My sentiments exactly been playing a long time and doing really bad and wondering why, I had some success with live games but always lacked discipline online and played russian roulette with my bankroll. This is a fresh start and I'm learning from scratch, I'm currently $1.55 up on my free money but I'm also learning, noticing why the strategy works and beginning to trust it. Also I've found playing multiple tables makes me focus more on making the right decision mathematically because I'm less likely to tilt or get bored. I plan on taking this to the next level with my new found confidence and belief in playing tight early and making calclated risks as the blinds increase. It really is all about premium hands!

      Cheers Pokerstrategy.
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello steveysmith/danmacka,

      Im really glad that you are finding all the resources we have here on PS helpful in improving your game and that you are having success with implementing those strategies on the tables.

      I would recommend regularly studying the articles, the videos and attending the public coachings as these resources will all help you to become a better player and improve your knowledge.

      If there are any hands that you are not sure if they were played correctly then you can post them in the No Limit, Fixed Limit or SNG/Tournament area for advice from our hand judges

      I would also recommend you to check out the PS downloads area as there are some excellant tools there that will also help to improve your game as well.

      Another great way of improving your knowledge and play is by creating and regularly updating your own personal blog.

      Kind Regards,