Silver article: On the Turn – Theory Put to Practice

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      Example 5
      Can someone explain me why article teaches to bet turn ? Argument that i found there are worthless for me. Protect ? From what ?
      Firsly, opponent is agressive 26/22 player. I believe this type of player is thinking one.
      His PF range almost allways would be very wide, but calling a 3-bet OOP certainly narrows it to something like pocket pairs, AJ+, maybe KQ. He would definetely c-bet with overpairs with one spade and AJ+ with one spade.
      I believe check from this oponent can be just giving up a hand or checking as a trapping ( since we showed aggression).
      He calls, and in my opinion there is nothing to protect from and we need to remember pot control.
      Article clearly states: ''You are committed after having bet on the turn.'' Do a good player really want to be commited with this type of hand on this board against this particular opponent ? Personally i do not. Please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you in advance.
      P.S. sorry for bad english
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