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      A friend of mine that as created an account here on pokerstrategy asked me to create this topic because he has had some problems with his registration.
      He created an account (NunoMoura86) and it got deactivated, then, thinking this was a mistake he created a new one (Nuno1986) that also got deactivated.
      He even sent a picture of his drivers licence and is available to send any more proof that would be required.
      He would like to know if it is possible to reactivate his account/ let him create a new one? Or is he simply banned forever? Also, his brother also wanted to create an account but he doesn’t because he doesn’t know if he will simply have it deactivated for sharing the same address and computer?
      If it is impossible for him to have an account and receive the initial 50$, he would like to know if he could create an account and NOT RECEIVE THE 50$BONUS, just using the bonus code for first deposit(if this was the only reason he could just easily find one in the internet, he just wants to use this code to be affiliated to pokerstrategy), that way he could still be a member of pokerstrategy and have access to all the wonderful content available(and that is his primary objective)

      Summing it up, here are the questions:
      1-Can he reactivate his account/create a new one?
      2- Is he "banned" forever?
      3-Can his brother register at pokerstrategy (same address/computer)?
      4- Can he create an account just using the bonus code for first deposit and not receiving the initial 50$ and not get his account deactivated?

      Thanks in advance to whoever can help him.
      Best regards
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