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Level advance.

    • aciddrop
      Joined: 08.10.2006 Posts: 1,519
      OK, so now I have achieved my goal of 300 BB at the level .25/.50. In fact, owing to a very successful final session this morning, I exceeded that target quite comfortably.

      I played on this level for 4 weeks, and around 11,340 hands, for a total gain of 343 BB. This is a winrate of about 3BB per 100 hands, which I think is pretty good. More importantly, I became very comfortable playing at this level, so that I don't feel daunted by leaving it behind. I also learned more about my leaks, and how to plug them.

      I've watched a little play on the .50/1 tables, both FR and SH, and I must say, they don't seem to play their starting hands any better than the guys I have been against. They get just as lucky with their crap holdings from time to time, but this is another thing I have become comfortable with. My best hands won't always win, so I don't feel bad when they are beaten. Their bad play now is treasure in my future.

      I have decided that there are no such things as bad beats, just beats. I came to this conclusion because I got to thinking that if there are bad beats, there must also be good beats, and I have never suffered one of those. ;) So, I take my beatings, and if it was to good play, good, and if it was to bad play, even better.

      I'll keep you posted on my further adventures. To finish off with, here's a quote from David Sklansky.

      "If you do not win in the long run, it is not because your opponents are making too many mistakes; it is because you are."
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