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does variance increase as we move from 9max to 6max to HU???

    • KidPokersKid
      Joined: 27.02.2009 Posts: 653
      Just wondering about some BRM for SnGs

      I play 6max sngs currently and I find that I am cashing way more than I normally would in 9/10 max games. So I was thinking that in HU play we should be casing like 50% of the time at least in order to break even so does our BRM need to increase as we get to games with less players? ... PS tells us 100 Buyins for Turbo FR SnGs... so I use 100 buyins for 6max Turbos... I am just thinking that 100 Buyins for HU sngs should be enough or is it too many because it seems like alot of work to win 100 buyins in order to move up a limit????
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    • Alafoe
      Joined: 28.08.2008 Posts: 202
      It can even decrease. If you understand variance like statistical that means sum of squares of (W-A) where W are winnings and A are average winnings that in heads up there are only two states W = -1.1 or W=1. In SNG 6 max there are say W=-1.1 W=1.5, W=3 and in 9 max ranges of W are even more hugeW in (-1.1 ... 6). So I think the variance decrease with number of players.
    • HasuHasi
      Joined: 19.01.2005 Posts: 129
      im not sure from 9 to 6, but from 9/6handed to HU it decreases