Introducing Modded Party Tools by M3
a handy tool for optimizing your gaming experience at Party Poker

With Party Tools you can

* PartyTools works for Cash-, Sit & Go- and Tourney Games
* setting up hotkeys,which respond to the window under your mouse, to play faster
* defining bet amounts (and 3bets) realated to the streets [preflop / flop / turn / river] including limpers
* using your mouse wheel to control the betting trackbar
* (auto-)rebuying to predefined values in every limit. Works for NoLimit and FixedLimit
* sit-out and sit-in with one click on all tables
* get outdealed or outblinded automatically when the table contains too less players
* manage the multi-table behaviour (position, size of PartyPoker windows) with the Table Setups
* have better attention. PartyTools may frame your active tables with a colored border
* go sure that you never miss the Time Bank anymore. PartyTools can click it for you
* use AutoBuy-In function. You only need to open a table, then PartyTools take a free seat, buy chips und manages all options
* scanning tables (Table Selection) in high speed with the integrated Table Scanner and find the fish.
Supportes PokerTracker 2 / 3, HoldemManager and Elephant. (PostgreSQL)