Best strategy site online

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      i just want to say that is the best strategy site ever. Thank you PS for all.

      I started with the 50$ roll and played since feb till april with no real winnings.. But i gained a lot of experience and in april I won about 2000$. Then I had that discipline problem and went down to 500$ after i cashed 1000$ mostly because didn't use BM.

      Now I can say that I'm a pretty good poker player with a flawless discipline (50 BI for SnG's and 100 BI for MTT's) and if I ever have the BR for Live tournaments such as WPT, EPT , WSOP , and others I will proudly wear clothes and hats with

      Unfortunately I don't play where I first registered, so i can't make points right now but it's getting fixed so they will track me on the platform I play.
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