i got here from [edit] thanks

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      hi everyone well i got here from this site i was watching live coverage of the WSOP 2009 on there site when i started looking thru theere site during the break and well i found poker strategy i forgot i had an account at poker strategy when i sign up to join it said you have an account...so i log in after many repeated times at remeberng my log in details ...and boom once i loged in i seen i had 50 dollars waiting for me to play at mansion...lol...i was stunned..well i playing at mansion and watching the live coverage at the same time tonight...so i need to thank big time [Edit by Chiller3k: Rule No. 3: No advertising commercial offers of any sort!] for not only bringing me here but also allowing me and many others to watch LIVE COVERAGE OF THE WSOP

      may all your pots be huge and may your cards be live...thanks
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