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noob question

    • Gennady007
      Joined: 25.05.2009 Posts: 31
      After starting to play some SnG and No Limit I have realised that i probably dont understand the most basic thing and it is confusing me.
      Someone can explain the whole concept of a player going all in with like 5000 chips and a guy with 2000 calling? How does the side pot work - this is my question, because i never managed to find out. For example if you are heads up and the other guy has less chips i see people going all in but why not jsut bet the other guy's amount of chips?
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    • Djvandal
      Joined: 27.04.2009 Posts: 115
      generally for me its either lazyness or intimidation when i push against an oponent with less than my stack lazyness its easier to just push than mark out his stack value

      intimidation 5k chips can look scarier than 2k chips even if you only stand to lose 2k

      the side pot works like this

      player a pushes all in with 900 chips
      player b pushes with 1200 chips

      this makes main pot 1800 side pot 300

      player C calls player b's all in wich makes the main pot 2700 side pot 600

      if player a wins the most he can win is 2700 from the main pot then player b and c would be playing for the side pot (wichever had the second best hand)

      if player b or c has the best hand they take the full 3300 chips from both pots

      hope that makes sense lol getting ready for sleep