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moving to mansion

    • VasiliZaitsev
      Joined: 25.05.2008 Posts: 77
      i'm thinking about moving to Mansion...
      Do i get rakeback through how does the rakeback work ? do i have to rake like a fixed amount of usd a month to get rakeback ? how big is it ?
      is the rakeback based on points ? like on pokerstars?
      let's say i'm playing 30k hands at 20nl, how big would the rakeback be?

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    • CoreySteel
      Joined: 25.10.2006 Posts: 3,366
      You could do this research by yourself if you read threads here, but OK, I'll do it for you.

      There is no rakeback at iPoker Network (Mansion, Titan, 365 and other sites).
      You only get points like at PokerStars.

      Here: Mansion MCP & Loyalty Info you can look how many points per level you get.

      So 30k hands on NL20 FR means 30k * 0.35 = 10500 points.
      WIth 10,5k points you are Pro Level so you get additional 150% boost.
      = 26250 points per month.
      If you play 3 months you get special boost of 30k points.

      So 3 months of NL20 FR = 90k hands
      MCP collected = 3*26250 + 30 000 = 108750 MCP.
      You would generate 1166$ rake in 90k hands.

      Let's say we buy 100$ Cash Bonus for 60 000 MCP.
      108750/60000*100= 181$ Cash Bonus

      181$/1166$ = 15,5% Rakeback.

      This is of course if you play for 3 months straight.
      If you play only for a months its...
      26250 points, 100$ Cash Bonus for 60 000 MCP and 388$ rake = 11,2% Rakeback.

      You are welcome.