Multi-tabling cash games vs single tabling

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    • Sexicano
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      Of course ;)
    • kingdippy2008
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      Ok, well playing 1 table imo will increase your winrate. You can concentrate more and make more +ev decisians :P I would also say that it would reduce your variance slightly. But i may be speaking wrong things there ;)

      Multitabling will decrease your winrate (most likely) but increase your hands/hour. Now say u make 25bb/100 playing 1 table. And you can play 50 hands an hour. That makes 12.5bb an hour.

      But say 2 tabling u had a winrate of 16bb/100 hands. At 50 hands an hour per table you play 100 hands and so u make 16bb an hour.

      So most likely each table you introduce your winrate will decrease. (not as drastically as i mentioned) But you can play more hands in a certain time period.

      Im sure there might be a point where you $$ per hour decreases with each table u introduce, but u can clearly see that multitable will increase profits.

      Good Luck at the tables!

    • thegrouse
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      thanks - that helps alot :)
    • TheBrood
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      multitable the most u can without feeling overwhelmed(bad decisions) or timing out imo