Software Problems

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      Hi not sure if anyone here will be able to help but I've got some problems.
      I tried to download the trial version of PT3 and when I accessed it for the first time it said there was a problem with some database program or other(as you can guess I am a computer idiot) and that I should delete and then reinstall it. It was called postgres 8.3 I think.

      Anyway I followed the instructions on the web page to do this and now nothing Elephant. I get a message everytime I try to start it up which says that I need to create a new database followed by a second message which states that connection to the database server has been lost and I can,t get anywhere.

      Sorry some of this is a bit vague but this is worse than tilt.Only the fact that I still want to play poker has stopped me from throwing the lot out of the window. Will probably be a little more coherant if some one might be able to help once I've calmed down.

      Thanks in advance for any replies. Gary.
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