Hello! I'm new to the ICM-trainer software and was wondering exactly how how does it work? Is it using Nash Equilibrium? And what adjustments should I make (i.e pushing range from SB) when playing the 5$ SnG's on BET365? I'm guessing since the opponents won't play according to Nash Equilibrium I must adjust by tightening(?) my pushing range from the SB (assuming they're calling looser than Nash), is that correct? And how much is reasonable to change the ranges suggested from ICM-trainer when I'm playing 5$ SnG's? What other changes must I make and what's a decent score in ICM-trainer?

I know, many questions. Pretty general ones that are hard to answer specifically also but plz dont just answer "it depends". :s_confused:


Edit: maybe more of strat so move it to SnG strategy forum? :f_biggrin: