NL10 SSS How do we assess a minraise?

    • Smileyphil
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      Hi everyone,

      A problem I have come across often with the SSS is the minraise. I do not know how to interpret this move. Is it often a monster? Is it more likely a weak range trying to push off the blinds?

      I play 9 tables at NL10 so I do not have a lot of time to note down reads but I do have access to stats if they can help me to tell.

      I feel that treating them as 2 limpers leads me to overplay some hands (77, 88, AJ in late position) but treating them as a raise means I am often folding away a hand that may be ahead of their range. Also if I hold a hand that I can go all in with do I push directly (10x their raise!) or do I reraise it to around 8BB?

      Any equity calculations or suggested ranges for minraises would be lovely.
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    • harleytopper
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      I play fast 12 tables and I have time to make notes. Not some super-reads, but "mr ep 72" or "mr 2 limpers AA", something like this.

      From my experience minraise on NL10 from unknown player (especially with fishy stats) and ESPECIALLY with limpers before is strong -- KK+ (QQ) and AKs (AKo).