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Im i the unluckiest person ever?

    • Guillaumelittle
      Joined: 22.01.2007 Posts: 11
      I9v just played like 5 hours today and i cant believe the REALLY REALLY bad luck that i have... what do u thinkg about this...

      Im playing the SSS ( shortstack ) so im just going in with 2 $$ and try to go all in Preflop - Flop with premium Hands, so these were my ¨best¨ Hands:

      Five KK = all played all in Preflop with this results.

      Lost to Straight - 2 pairs- AA - Flush - JJJ

      Tree QQ = Al played all in preflop with this results.

      Lost to KK - 2 pairs - Full House.

      2 AA - Lost to Straight ( a very low one that he complete with just 1!! card ) and 1 lost to Flush!

      1 more AKs JJ and QQ all losed agains Straight...

      All this played all in preflop and mostly being payed by ppl wiht low cards or suited garbage like 26s 39s

      Is this really posible? I havent won a single KK or QQ or AA played preflop mostly again 1 ppl.... What do u think? :(
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    • Alaton
      Joined: 21.02.2006 Posts: 1,499
      Hi Guillaumelittle!

      It really seems to be an unlucky streak you are on and if you were Preflop All-In with all these hands you should be glad about the people playing so bad and calling with worse hands.
      (For a note, be happy this streak of bad luck hit you on NL10$ and not NL100$ or something ;) )
      This sadly is the bad and hard side of poker. But you should get used to it and try to ignore it as long as you played your hands correctly.
      The Variance is pretty big and theoretically you could even go broke with the 50$ Startingmoney when playing perfect poker.

      I suggest you take a break and get some disctance from the game.
      If you had any hands where you were unsure of what to do, don't hesitate to post them. The only thing you can do when being in a Downswing is to try to improve your game even more.
      And you should always look out for propable effects of tilt on your game!

      Don't get discouraged too easily, you will suffer even worse Swings as time goes on.
      I hope things work out well for you and I wish you all the best of luck in your future poker career :)
    • undercover82
      Joined: 09.12.2006 Posts: 813
      i feel the same way sometimes too. I cant stand losing to people who have like 20% equity preflop , or when my draw doesnt come while theirs does. It really feels rigged sometimes. I lost this one hand , when i was bigstacked , where i have KK and the fish (who had already taken some of my money on the previous hand thx to a straight on the river vs my set on the flop) calls with K Jo. Then flop comes 9 T Q and the fish makes a straight on the flop. I thought i am still ahead of course and did what i thought were "value bets" potsize , since the fish would call anyway.It was extremely frustrating when i realized i have lost the hand and the rest of my stack to the same person. After i pokerstoved it , i saw he had an equity of 9% preflop...

      Anyway on the low limits we are playing , there is really nothing you can do to "outskill" your opponent , especially with our short stack where we cant push our opponents out of the pot easily. I just wish you luck and patience dealing with the morons who call against all odds and yet win. Remember that according to math , in long term we will have a profit against bad play , or by playing only very good cards in general.
    • Ulek
      Joined: 01.02.2006 Posts: 3,685
      Without people calling with 20% equity you had no chance of playing poker profitable. You have to feed the fish once in a while so he thinks he makes good plays and goes on playing that way.