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Is it possible to clear the 200% bonus at 20NL?

    • inf4my
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 91
      Hello, I know this question is redundant, but I've spent hours reading all of the information about this and I still can't get a concrete answer.

      I got my $50 startup capital last year, and since then I've grinded it up to $150 playing BSS NL4 FR

      Frankly I'm a little bored of this limit and I want to move to NL20 FR, but in order to do that I'm going to need to deposit some of my own money so that I won't be under rolled.

      I don't want to waste my first deposit by playing NL4, where it would be impossible to clear it. So what I'm wondering is if I can clear the $600 bonus playing BSS NL20 FR which is what I'm most comfortable with.

      From what I've read so far, the bonus is based on 'dealt rake' generated, instead of TPP. I've been observing the NL20 tables, and it appears that the average rake per hand is around 15 cents. But 'dealt rake' = (total rake)/(players who were dealt cards), which would be 0.15/10 = 0.015

      That's $0.015 in dealt rake per hand. If I played 1,000 hands per day, that's only $15.

      Based on these calculations, I'd only be able to generate around $1,350 within the 90 day period, which would result in only $380 of bonus payout.

      Am I way off on this? I'd appreciate some help from someone who has already tried to clear the $600 bonus.

      Thanks in advance.
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    • Hagbard00
      Joined: 30.11.2008 Posts: 22
      I think you can't have 200% up to 600$ bonus if you recieved starting capital on Titan. The bonus is then 100% up to 500$, where you get 5$ for 600 TPP. At least that's what i got.

      And on NL20SH, you need to play around 2000 hands for 600 TPP (i usualy have 500 hands sessions and i normaly get around 150 points). So in order to clear the whole 500$ bonus you need 60k Titan points. So something around 200k hands on NL20. Just a rough calculation.

      200% up to 600$ bonus is better because you get 10$ for 600 points but i'm not sure you'll be able to get it.
    • inf4my
      Joined: 28.02.2008 Posts: 91
      Hmm. It doesn't specifically state anywhere that the startup capital counts as my first deposit, although yeah that would make sense that it does.

      I guess I'll contact support and just ask them if I'm eligible. If not, I guess I'll have to switch sites :(

      Too bad because I'm really enjoying the micros at Titan. I find the huge amount of nits and shortstackers easy to push around. And most importantly, I find the RNG that they use to be the most realistic by far. Sure I get bad beats, but not NEARLY as bad as what I was seeing on full tilt and stars.
    • Berzerger
      Joined: 24.03.2008 Posts: 910
      Try Mansion, they also have 200% FDB up to $600, and you play the same people from Titan, you even get to keep your notes.
    • TheBrood
      Joined: 17.07.2008 Posts: 4,383
      I wouldn't recommend trying to clear a bonus on a new limit, sounds like a recipe for disaster. If you've played NL20 before its ok I guess, but you prob will have to multitable and/or play long hours.
      I haven't done the math but I'm waiting for NL100 (BSS) to start bonus whoring...this way I don't put my BR at risk by multitabling or playing tired.
    • mineriva
      Joined: 30.04.2008 Posts: 913
      i also builed up my $50 about $150 and was mislead into making my first deposit.
      Although i was told that i could, they declined my withdraw stating i needed more points.

      About clearing bonus. I had 2 go up to $50NL to stand a chance to clear. My thinking was if i can not withdraw then i am risking nothing so lets go for it. Been running good.

      long story short. Dont believe their promises before your first deposit and no you cannot clear any of these bonus unless you go higher levels.