6max: with A high to showdown

    • DarthBobo
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      I think I may have a serious leak in going to SD with A high.
      I'm losing 140 BB/100 hands in these spots.

      Here's the filter I used in Holdem Manager:
      - Filter for tables with 5 to 6 players.
      - Filter for all Ace cards except AA.
      - Filter for hand value: high card, high card with pair on board, high card with 2pair on board, etc...
      - VPIP = true
      - Saw showdown = true
      - Players on flop is equal to 2.

      As most are steal situations from BU or CO, the pot on the flop is going to be around 2,25 BB. It's more if it's a 3bet pot. So if we would always fold the flop in these spots then we'd lose more than 225BB/100 here.

      My 'win'rate here is -140 BB/100 so it's better than just folding the flop. But I guess there's a huge potential for improvement.

      Any suggestions on how to do this?
      Please post you stats too!

      Is there any article for this? A quiz perhaps?
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    • TerrorBlade
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      Look at the pot sizes where you showed A high down, look at the W$@SD stat.
      You're losing 140BB/100 because it doesn't take into account pot size.

      If you win 25% of them, and the pots are 4 BB or bigger on average then you're turning a profit. I'd say it's better to look at the individual hands and see whether it's a good spot to show it down and/or post the hands!

      When you're using filters it's to find those hands that might be a leak and analyse them, not to look at your stats :/
    • ciRith
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      Hi DarthBobo,

      that looks like a lot. Maybe some HM and PT3 users can post their stats here as well?

      On the other hand it's normal to lose with A-high as A-high is just a bluffcatcher. Most pots were 3-bet preflop so often you are in ad shape anyway.
      But these are hands which didn't improve. Normally you plan to go for a calldown on the flop or turn but improve to a better hand so these are the unlucky hands.

      TerrorBlade idea of posting these hands is way more important to find the real leaks. :)
    • DarthBobo
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      yes I agree totally but I'm still curious how much others lose in these spots and certainly people like you or Terrorblade.
    • redskwerl
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      im sure 2-300 trials aren't statistically significant.. also looking at these stats seems quite pointless to me ?(

      fwiw for me its -51BB/100
    • Amirapuato
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      I don't know if I set up the filters correctly (I'm using HEM for like 2 days), but this is what I got:


      Players: 5-6

      Hole Cards: AKs-A2s, AKo-A2o

      Hand Value on River:
      - High Card (2 OCs)
      - High Card (1 OC)
      - High Card (no OCs) <-- senseless?
      - One Pair - Paired Board (2 OCs)
      - One Pair - Paired Board (1 OC)
      - One Pair - Paired Board (no OCs)
      - Two Pair on Board
      - Trips on Board

      VPIP = True
      Saw SD = True
      Players on flop = 2