Introducing myself

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      Dont really know where to start so ill just go down a short list of FAQ's.

      Name? - Hans Thomas
      Age? - atm 19 (03-jan-1990)
      Work? - Student (accountancy)
      Location? - Groningen (Netherlands)
      Poker 4 how long? - Three years now, Online for about a year and a half.
      Best winning? - €380 in the casino (Holland Casino)
      Most lost? (Random Cashgame; .25/.50 at home) +/- € 100
      Books read (poker) ? - Doyle's super system, Secrets of SNG's by Phil Shaw.
      And; Hold 'em Poker for Advanced Players by David Sklansky.
      Why am i here ?
      I found out about this site through a friend. checked it out, did te test. Right now waiting for the starting capital, spending my time reading articles and i am starting on a new book (ofc. about poker -> Fundamentals of poker)

      So i hope to fit in, and we'll what comes around.
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      Hey Hans, welcome to PokerStrategy.

      Congrats on already making it up to Silver. Keep reading the strategy articles as you move up, each status level releases additional material to you.

      It's good to welcome another member from the Netherlands, you will find quite a few around in the forum and might like to visit the following thread for other active Dutch members. :)

      Wishing you every success and enjoyment in your poker.

      Best regards,