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      Hi all im new here the site looks cool wish I would of discovered it long ago... I used to play poker online but havent played for years...had several poker programs on my old computer at one time.. then when i got my new computer I stopped playing poker online to save my computer.. lol... Problem I have now is I dont remember what sites i had accounts at and what sites I didnt? And what my usernames were if i had them or not? lol.. I discovered I had an account at ful tilt still ... so I discovered this site too late so i cant get my bonus there as I just passed the quiz here a day or so ago... and Ihave been playing at full tilt again when they gave me my username that I had before. Now with the bonus I think I have had accounts at all the sites listed here before but im not 100 percent sure?... Not ever sure how I can find out.. as I have emailed party poker and mansion ... etc... party I never get a reply back from and mansion said they have me as a member but want me to give them my info which I cant remember? lol... I have read in the rules at party poker that if you havet used your account for over 6 months they account is closed but when I email them they dont answer.... So im thinking I can probably make up an account with them... and Cake poker I had an account with them 3 years ago im sure but not sure what there rules are and the same goes for Titan.. Any ideas? and If so what site is the easiest and best program you suggest to get your bonus.
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