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    • pretorian1131
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      I have recieved my starting capital at pokerstars several months ago, but due to not so good BR and some bad luck, I managed to loose it. I was disappointed but I didnt give up. I created another account at pokerstars because I knew that whatever I win, there will be 50$ deduction after 3 months.
      So the three months have passed and I have won a freeroll and now I am starting slowly to build up a bankroll. However, as I start to play at higher limits, I feel that the materials from the upper sections would be pretty useful for me. So my question is, is there a way to link my new accaunt to pokerstrategy, without recieving new starting capital, but building up Strategy Points and unlocking materials from the upper categories? Would transfering money to my old account be a viable option and will be there 50$ deduction even though the 3 months have passed?
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Hi pretorian1131,

      Welcome to the forums :)

      Im sorry to hear about your capital. I must advise you that pokerstars does not allow you to own more than 1 account at the there site. This is in the terms and conditions.

      But i can tell you that there would not be a $50 reduction if you put money into your old account :)


    • wolfydan
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      hey how are you

      i dont think pokerstars would like that you have to accounts with them all poker rooms will not let you have more then 1 account with them
      so when you go to cash out dont be surprised if you get your account lock for having 2 accounts

      i dont think pokerstrategy will let you hook up ya new account with them but you could try contacting support on poker strategy
      hope this helps

      wolfydan :D
    • pretorian1131
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      Thanks for the advice,
      I guess I will transfer them to my old account. As for the second account, it is on my wife's name anyway.

      However, I noticed that there is a clause stating that "Users cannot cash out funds directly received from a transfer; winnings arising from playing the Games using the transferred funds that subsequently contribute to a cash out request will be reviewed in accordance with PokerStars' internal controls, policies and procedures."

      Does this mean that I will not be able to cashout the money if I trasnfer them to the old account?
    • SoyCD
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      Hello pretorian1131,

      It simply means that you need to have cleared your starting capital requirements at your old account in order to be able to cash out from it - and that cashouts of transferred money are always inspected to check for potential fraudulence.

      In terms of multiple accounts I can only advise you to use the account on your own name and to keep it at one account. Everything else goes against the PokerStars terms & conditions and can potentially get both of the accounts into problems.

      In terms of your original reason to leave the account; there are no deductions from the private money of players after 3 months - only from actual remaining starting capital.

      Best regards,