AK suited

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      playing a $1 tournament on ladbrokes, i was faced with this hand. i was middle table with nealr 4000 and was behind a fairly aggressive player who had just lost a monster pot. the blinds were 100/200 with the ante at 20c. the play was flopped round to us and villain raises to 400. now i was sat with AKs and just called. the reason for this was, i had a very aggressive big stack behind me and wanted to see his response and maybe have a chance of stealing a few from him.
      anyhow, the flop came down and was 8c Ah 2s.
      villain bet 1,020. i went straight over the top all in as we were the only two hands playing.
      to my surprise he called my all in and revealed JQo. i was delighted of course.

      should i have shoved sooner when his preflop raise came in, or was that just bad beat city again? i think maybe i should have pushed, but i still think he would have called.
      so you tell me, what would you have done in that same situation.
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