'relative' small winnings?

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      Almost everywhere i come people are talking about they are having +2to5bb/100 hands profit.

      When i thought about this, i thought it was a extremely small number.
      A few reasons i thought of:
      1; every hand already has a bb+sb(so 1,5bb), and u raise 4bb normally, so only one hand already is about 5-6bb profit(if u pick it up on flop). and more if u win it later on.
      2;If u win an allin, while playing bigstack(100bb), u win 100bb. so that's also way more than 2/5bb

      reasons why it shouldn't be higher i could quickly find were;
      1; in 100 hands the bb+sb passed u 11 times, making about -16bb/100.
      2; sometimes u lose allins, or get bad beats, sucked out on etc.
      3; running for cards but not hitting them.

      My point being:
      I wondered how both winnings and losses could be narrowed down to about 3-5bb/100 hands, with a solid player. Seeing only 1 hand has more bb's in it most of the time. Anyone has some thoughts about this?

      on a side note:
      This also concluded me to picking up the blinds(or sometimes defending them), on the long run is alot of money. seeing in 100 hands, when u pick up the blinds everytimes u'r on the button, quickly is about 16bb.
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