Few question about strategy for SnG

    • Nazzor
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      Hi there, :club:
      I have a few questions regarding strategy for SnG.

      1. I don't think it's ever mentioned, perhaps even a dumb question, but what should you do when you're the blind and you have not hit anything from the chart. Ofcourse if you're BB and no one raised, you check. But if you're SB, no one raised, does it worth to call and limp in with speculative hands.. A4s ???

      2. I don't get the "steal re-raise". Strategy only says few conditions and then steal re-raise applies: "A steal re-raise is quite a simple move: if a single player raised in front of you and no one else has called him so far, you go all-in right away, trying to steal the pot. "

      KK, what if I'm MP1 and he do that (raise) from UTG1, and no one called him SO FAR (so UTG2, UTG3) I should go all-in with AK? I mean raise from early position, who knows what he has + there are many players to act behind me and totally ruin steal re-raise.

      I honestly hope I've missed a sentence where this is explained, because I don't understand, but I've re-read it many time, so I doubt.

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    • fun101rockets
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      1. Yes u can limp perspective hands from SB if u r fairly deepstacked and there was other limpers
      2. with hands like AK and KK u r not going allin to steal, u r going alln because you have a edge against even a UTGs raising range (usually)remember KK and AK top hands and even if u get calls it is fine
    • Varune
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      steal re-raise could be: everyone folded, dealer's turn: he raises trying to steal the blinds. u Re-raise from either sb/bb. 'restealing his raise'.
      But this should be only done with a playable hand, because if he calls you still have something.
    • NickParkes
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      Hi Nazzor

      1. Completing from the small blind is generally profitable with hands that have good implied odds when there are 2+ limpers before you... hands like suited connectors, Axs, PPs etc... then it's generally case of playing odds and outs...

      As the BB when you get a free play, when deep-stacked, I generally only get interested/involved when I have 2 pair or better... often TPBK can be very costly, post flop skills required...

      And post hands in the forum if you have doubts or wanna know if you played it right, or want other's opinions... BEST way to learn :f_cool:

      2. With a steal reraise I would make sure that you classify the initial raise first... a raise from early position is often a value raise and if you shove you can often expect a call... A raise from late position with no limpers may be a steal, especially if it comes from a player that has been fairly loose, here a steal raise is intended to get him to muck his trash and collect the dead money... Hands like KK, AK etc you can shove for value (I only shove AK preflop with <30BB...

      I hope this helps...

      Otherwise POST HANDS and learn faster :s_cool:

    • Nazzor
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      Wow.. Thanks guys, this forum never stops to suprise me! :f_grin:
      Community is great, and that's what matters the most when it comes to learning something new.

      At least now I've cleared some things on my way to playing SnG A-Game.
      Still an awful lot of things to learn, but that's what summer holiday is all about, isn't it?

      Regarding the Steal Re-Raise
      I never knew I would need to classify the raise, for example. While I was reading about the steal re-raise, I had picture in my head that raise coming from CO,BU or SB would be the steal as the paragraph above teached me that, but got turned off when I saw chart for steal re-raise which relies on raiser's position

      Opponent's position

      Early position
      Aces AK, AQ
      Pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ
      Middle position
      Aces AK, AQ
      Pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT
      Late position
      Aces AK, AQ, AJ
      Pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, 88
      Small blind
      Aces AK, AQ, AJ
      Kings KQ
      Pairs AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, 99, 88, 77

      Posting hands
      I am going to do that definitely, as I'm mostly unsure if I played each hand correctly. I'll start to play low stake S'n'G on Titan once I re-read the strategy few more times and make sure I get everything clear. :f_cool:

      Nick, nice blog of yours.. I'll read it, since we both share the same passion S'n'G & MTT's..

      Thanks again
    • NickParkes
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      Thanks Nazzor...

      Restealing with those hands definitely has to be profitable... The thing I recommend most if you wanna get good at SNGs is practice the ICM trainer... You can't practice too much... ICM is where the money is really made in SNGs and understanding the principles helps in MTTs too...