Chech out the Character of your Coaches.

    • rkm140
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      25.06.09 08:53: I meet Lary18thS on, he joined a couple of weeks ago. I have been a staker there for two years.

      Lary18thS PM'd me about playing some SNGs and told me he that he was broke and a real bad run. I researched him and found he had great stats in the games he wanted to play. But he had an open stake. When i asked him about that he said he closed the stake because the staker couldn't afford to let him play at the $36 levels.

      so everything seemed fine, i told him i could only stake him for $66 to run $6.50 and lower but if he got the BR up he could play at the $11 and $12 levels.

      He started to play and i watched for a while then went to bed. I woke the next morning to find he had sent me $146, needless to say i was pleased, but when i looked into his SS i found he had won more money than he told me he did. When i questioned him about this he said he played those games after he ended the stake. The stake was to be played for 1 week, i gave no instructions for him to end it early. I also compared the email from Stars and the ending times of the games he said he played on his dime and the games ended before any money was shipped.

      also by this time he had receive DNS (DO NOT STAKE) from PTP, this means he stole someones money. The stake whom Lary18thS said he had ended the stake had in fact NOT ended the stake and Lary18thS PM'd him and told him he would send his funds back but has not done so yet.

      Below are links to the thread reporting that Lary18thS stole money.

      Here is a Link to the staking agreement between Lary18thS and I.

      Lary18thS should have sent me fund totaling 454.72, but he sent me $146 so he still owe me $374.72.

      When i told Lary18thS that these games ended prior to him sending me any money, he stated he would send me another $200 and i should be pleased that my $66 returned $300.

      I have copies of all the PM's, Screenshots of the email from stars showing the time and two screenshots proving that the games ended after he sent the funds.

      I understand this is not your problem but if your site could help us in getting Lary18thS to come back to PTP and pay us what is owed we would be grateful.

      If Lary18thS doesn't do the right thing and pay what is owed, i will have no choice but to post this information over every poker forum on the web. So it would be of great benefit to all if you can help us get this resolved. I doubt it would look favorable on your site as a whole if the word got out one of your coaches/staff member was a ROLLER/Thief.

      Again thanks for any and all help you can give. I will wait 24 hours prior to posting the first post on 2+2, pocket 5's, if this has been taken care of by Lary18thS i will forget it every happened. any other person would say any moneys he wins durring the 1 week time frame is part of the stake, but i am willing to forgo that if he pays what is stated in this message.
      25.06.09 11:16: Dear rkm140,

      I am sorry but we can not help with such problems. We strongly advise against staking deals because if something goes wrong (and unfortunately it often does) it is very hard to figure out who cheated whom.
      Please try to settle this with Lary18thS directly.

      Best regards,
      25.06.09 12:07: I have tried to do this, but he is not answering any of our messages. That is why I have come to you in hopes that you would see how this information getting out would hurt the site, and maybe get you to talk to Lary18thS and get him to see the error of his ways.

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    • p0kerQT
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      Hi rkm140,

      Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Here at pokerstrategy we do not allow threads requesting or offering stakes so not to cause any monetary losses to any of our members. I don't think we would be able to help you with losses regarding a different site member, but I hope the issue is resolved.

    • rkm140
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      I understand, i just thought your site would want to know about the people players they employ.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello rkm140,

      I have replied in your other thread & forwarded the case to our Polish HeadAdmin who is already speaking to the coach in question. I hope this can be resolved as quickly as possible.

      Since the other affected member has also replied in the other thread I will close this one.

      Best regards