should i point this out to the pokerstars?

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      Hi there fellow poker enthusiasts - i need advice but i am gonna have to give you some background story first so please bare with me.

      I'd wanted to play poker online for quite awhile and was too impatient to wait until i was of the legal age so i set up an account under my elder brother's name and played with this account for several months. A fact that i didnt think about when i was setting up this account was that my brother already had an account but despite this, i played and was not bothered. When i turned 18 i set up an account under my own name and stopped using the other account. Having played at several different sites, to me, pokerstars is one of the best, largely due to the tournaments - the sunday million in paticular - BUT i am scared to play in any large tournaments becuase if i happen to win any substantial prize money, i fear pokerstars may check up on my details and realise there are 3 account registered with the same surname and with the same address. Realising this i imagine they would ban me from the site and take any money from my account.

      Basically, my problem is this...

      I really want to be able to play the Sunday Million weekly as well as other large tournaments so should I:

      A: Get in contact with pokerstars and explain the situation (do you think they'd forgive me..?) and hope they'll let me continue to play at their site.

      B: Play big tournaments and if i win some big cash, fingers crossed they wont look into my account and ask questions.

      C: Forget pokerstars, I've burnt that bridge (i really dont want to forget pokerstars).

      Phew... sorry - i know it's a long winded post but look on the bright side... it took me longer to type than it did for you to read it.

      Anyway, please bring on the advice!

      If i were to explain the situation
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