Is this good play?

    • michaelqian
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      Hi all

      When raising preflop, I always raised to 4 times the BB or plus 1 BB for every limper. I just realised it's meant to be 3 times. Is 4 times ok though? I've just got used to doing it this way.

      Also in the early position with very strong hands like QQ, KK and AA, I usually raise a bit more than that, to account for potential limpers, for instance AA in UTG+1 I normally raise to 5 or 6 times the BB. Do you think this is a good way to play?

      Thanks for any advice.
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    • SheepMoose
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      That's possibly one of the worst things you could do, you will become so readable that it's not funny. Thinking players might even starting folding JJ/TT or lower when they see you raising to that amount from early position, thus giving you less action from hands you want action with when holding QQ+.
      You want to raise to the same amount everytime. Few differences where you can vary this is whether you face shortstacks in the blinds, then you can raise a little less when stealing from the button/cutoff.

      There's no correct way to raise pre-flop, 4BB's + 1 per limper is fine, but if you're happy with 3BB's + 1 per limper then do that.
    • Dragar
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      Stick to 4BB + 1BB per limper. Thats good for low limits.

      About the UTG thing. This is alright too if you raise every UTG starting hand like that. 5BB raise from UTG is ok when your playing FR.