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    • VirtuaGod
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      Originally posted by mihninho
      What kind of stats should a fish have? I mean Vpip wtsd pfr.
      High VPIP over 40 (loose preflop) ( u can find many over 60 in microstakes)
      High WTSH, something like 60 (calling station)
      Low PFR, lower than 5 (passive preflop) ( u can find some 0's in microstakes) :f_biggrin:
      Low AgF, less than 1 agression factor

      My opinion thought
    • inf4my
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      Don't forget W$SD

      I've seen quite a few with around 25-40% which is horrendous.
    • SheepMoose
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      You can't really classify a fish off one stat, you have to mainly use two stats together to spot leaks in peoples play.

      VPIP of 40+ and a PFR of 5 or below is a fish. But a VPIP of 40+ and a PFR or around 30~ would be a LAG, LAG's can usually be very good players and would not be considered fish, but on the lower limits you can't be sure.
      High went to showdown stats with a low won $ at showdown usually indicates a loose passive calling station too.

      You will probably find that you can spot the fish easier with observing rather than use the stats after some experience.
    • SoyCD
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      Hello mihninho,

      A good sign with which to spot fish that hasn't been mentioned here is the difference between VPIP and PFR.

      Fish tend to limp too many hands and not play them aggressively enough. So as soon as you see players with 15+ percentage points difference in VPIP and PFR you know they are in all likelyhood pretty bad players. If they fold a lot postflop they are exactly the kind of people you want to be isolation raising when they limp into pots.

      Aside from that a high went to showdown is also a good indicator.

      Best regards