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Sng Profile

    • tataaa
      Joined: 05.07.2008 Posts: 258
      I thing there is some important information that we could share =]

      1. What limits do you play?
      2. Where do u play? and nickname used if want to put =]
      3. When? at night? morning? etc.
      4. What kind of programs do you use?
      5. How many game at one season.
      6. Whats your BR management?
      7. Are you profitable?

      1. Sng 13$
      2. Stars nickname PLF111
      3. at night & afternoon
      4. none.
      5. I play several seasson of 9 games.
      6. at least 100 but nowadays I am using more than that.
      7. Yes.
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    • ladman
      Joined: 13.04.2009 Posts: 289
      SNG $1 X(
      Titan nick jdgooner
      50 BI
      yes, slowly though because the limits are so low the money never feels that real and my miind begins to wonder hence why i enter mtt's and cash games which im poor at.