elephant license, need help

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    • zaplol
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      Originally posted by viirus911
      can someone translate these :

      VP IP - vol put money in pot ?
      PFR - preflop reactioN?
      AF - after flop ?
      WTS - ??

      thanks !
      Hi viirus911!

      VP$IP - Voluntarily Put $ Into Pot
      -> This means, ALL the hands the player has put money into the pot(not counting SB and BB; since they are not voluntarily.

      PFR - Pre Flop Raise
      -> This means how many times a player raised pre flop(before the flop).

      AF - Aggression Factor
      -> Measures how aggressive the player is; I think the formula is something like: (Raise % + Bet %)/(Call%)=AF

      WTS - Went To Showdown
      -> How many times the player was in the pot all the way to the showdown(after bettinground on the river).


      Hope this explains a bit for you : )

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      thank you very very much
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      Anytime buddy! Good luck at the tables, and don't hesitate to ask if there's anything else you need help with : )