Do I only have 3 months to reach 5000 raked hands ??

    • willfox
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      Hi Guys !!! 5000 raked hands is about 125 party points at .05 / .10 and .10 / .20 limit !! At the moment I have 9 party points from 1800 hands..
      So it's gonna take me a while to get to 125 party points and to me 3 months is too short as with work and my poker knowledge at beginner level I don't want to risk my bankroll just yet by moving to a higher limit !! So is it three months and if you dont reach 5000 raked hands by then then you lose your extre $100 bonus ???
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    • ciRith
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      9 points only in 1800 hands? that sounds a bit less.

      have you checked your account? (the account page: ) there you can see how many raked hands you still need.

      And yes you have 90 days to clear the bonus. But you will move up the limits while playing and then you earn even more raked hands.
    • gman10
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      I don't believe i'll manage to cash in on the extra $100.
      I've been playing intensively (oops! I forgot to feed the kids again) for almost 2 weeks and still need 4200 raked hands.

      I have 2 months left to cash in because I didn't have enough time to play poker to begin with and i'm steadily loosing money, have only $40 from $50.

      Time is against me, by the way how long can a child go without eating? (Only joking ... )
    • Stefan1000
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      By the way did you know i am a Paint Maniac :D

      Anyway, here is a small graph i quickly made.

      It shows the evolution of how many PartyPoints you earn.

      At the beginning everything starts very slowly epecially on the first limit playing only one table. There are 4 major facts that will influence the rate you earn PP's at the beginning.

      Nr.1: Switiching from 1 or 2 tables to 3 or 4 tables (after a while everyone should be able to play 3 Full Ring tables)

      Nr2: Climbing up two or three limits up to 0.25/0.5 (when i remember correctly every second hand is a raked one at this limit, please correct me when i am wrong)

      Nr3: Switching to Short-Handed games.

      Nr4: Become a Silver or Gold member at Part

      @gman: Just my general three suggestions how you can improve your game quickly at the beginning:

      Practice is very important but especially at the beginning some more theory won't harm.

      1: Read the articles over and over again.

      2: Post Sample hands and spent a lot of time at the sample hand board

      3: Visit our coachings!

      Best regards,
    • tgrb68
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      I play big stack, no limit in the lowest level (0.02-0.04) after 20 days from registration i realised that at the rate i was playing i was not going to make the 5,000 raked hands on time, so i begun multitabling.

      first i opened 2 tables for a week, then 3 tables for the next week until i got to 4 tables ....... and managed to drop my bankroll from almost 100 to 42 :) that made me realise that with 4 tables i lost concentration a lot because sometimes i just didn't knew where was i sitted on the tables.

      Then, and this is what i want to share with you, i begun using a simple method to open the tables, and it has been working quite good so far. remeber i play big stack....

      1- find the most suitable table to get in ..... for me i look for 9/10 or 8/10 tables with players holding no more than 100% of the max. buy in ($5.00 in case of the 0.02-0.04 level..... when i change to 0.05-0.10 level it will be less than $10.00 and so on)

      2- when you get that first table opened, look at the number you are sitted and the next table you open look for the same number in the table to be free (i personally only look at 9/10 and 8/10 tables but that just me). for this tables, don't worry if the players have big stacks or not, if you wait for the table position and also all players with a certain amount of stack .... you will be waiting for quite a while :)

      sometimes you have to wait a while to get all the tables you want opened, but its worth it as i found a lot more easier to multitable being in the same position on all tables.

      hope it works with you