[NL2-NL10] AQs homegame

    • KriZ0
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      Yesterday I played in a homegame with 5 friends, I ended up losing all the money I brought to the table one one hand, which i would like you to analyze. I'm not sure if i played right.

      The game is sixhanded. I'm in SB.

      I get A :spade: Q :spade:
      When it got to me, 2 had limped in, so I raise, a bit more than usual cause the players at the table calls the standard 4BB raise. MP2 calls my raise, and then the button raises, I re-raises and they both call.

      Flop comes
      3 :diamond: T :diamond: Q :heart:

      The pot is about the same size as my stack left, so I shove it on the flop, because I would get more or less pot comitted after the standard continuation bet.
      They both called, MP2 showed some crap, with no draws or anything. The Button had TT.

      The reason I shove on the flop, was that I now for sure, that button never traps with AA or KK, he's not smart enough for that, and he never raises with hands like AK or AQ and so on. And MP2 just calls everything, he's a big calling station.

      But they bullied me for my shove. Are they right, did I play stupid or what? I mean floped top pair top kicker, could I have done anything else? I probably would have raised if I had checked and button had raised.
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    • rickydaprince
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      Well you mentioned that BU is very passive, i.e. doesn't raise with AK or AQ preflop and maybe other stronger pp too. If he limps and then 3bets in a multi pot and given your previous history, it kinda means strong and AQ would probably be crushed by his 3bet range. So best option would be to fold.

      It it was just heads up with mp2 in the pot, and given your history with him you know he is a loose calling station, then getting it all in with TPTK on the flop is good.

      p.s. always stick to the raising rule otherwise you risk isolating yourself against much stronger hands... in my opinion, if you have a very loose player at the table who will call any preflop raise, then adding an extra bb is ok.
    • maya1984
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      pf:You should raise to 4BB + xBB where x is the number of the limpers. You can put extra BB when you are OOP. I don't mind raising to 8BB or 9BB pf if they are loose and are calling often a standard raise.

      Like ricky said , if the BU is passive and wouldn't raise AQ+ pf and all the sudden he limp/raise I rather fold AQ cause usually he will have a monster in that spot.

      As played you can't get away from it on the flop, If he the BU c-bets often I would probably c/rai (check/raise all in)