How do you beat a call stat. when running bad?

    • whateverdude
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      Every1 says that variance is lower at lower stakes because players are terrible and pay you off big when you hit, so your winrate is bigger, which makes downswings softer.
      Ok then, what about when for a pretty long sample of hands you hit flops extemely rarely, and you also get a few badbeats and coolers. You can't steal blinds because they call, you can't steal pots because they call you down with anything. How do you beat the calling station when you are not getting cards?

      I understand that when playing against better opponents you may get MORE downswings, but in my experience, you feel much more helpless without getting good cards when playing against bad players.
      When playing vs bad players you may win more when you DO hit, but when you are not hitting you can't do anything vs idiot, while against thinking players you can play the player and not the cards and still win pots, even though you are running carddead.

      Isn't this true or I am an idiot for even thinking that downswings could be harsher vs bad opponents ???
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